Cindy Clifford


Here's what some recent clients had to say:

“Cindy was the perfect fit for our project! Not only was she able to speak effectively with the tone we desired, she was a true professional with her delivery and follow up. Cindy has the soothing and trustworthy voice our project needed and we thank her for the great service she provides.”
Tim Mozilla, Longlands Video

Thank you sooo much! As I am editing, I hear the voiceover hundreds of times and you nailed just I wanted to convey.”
Suzy Shechtman, St. Mary's "Magic"

“Thanks a million, Cindy! It's always a pleasure to work with you. Thank you for the quick turnaround and charming piece of work. Your warm voice matched the speed and excitement of the script so perfectly, it even fit in with almost no tweaking to the video. Thank you!”
Sneha Kochak, NextHive

" Cindy was very professional and quick for any alternation we needed for our product demonstration video. Her clear, fresh voice has livened our advertisement and has created excitement for our company. Cindy will always be a top pick for future voice-talent related opportunities."
Rabbit Air

"Cindy was professional, reliable, and exceeded our expectations. Our presentation has received raves, and Cindy is a big reason why."
Patrick Calabria, Farmingdale State College

"I am a huge fan of Cindy Clifford's work. She is a perfect fit for our high profile clients.
Able to deliver, in any voice, great work in perfect time, Cindy is a breeze to work with. She is blissfully independent while at the same time an ace at taking direction. Her attention to detail and ability to deliver impeccable work makes her hiring a no brainer."
Ross Mason, Executive Producer, Motion Media Solutions | 631.727.3090 | Riverhead, New York